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The first NFT collection with an already established club, 
utility and meaningful art. 

Welcome to SBClub, taking one of Europe's longest running shows to the 'Metaverse' and beyond. Our first limited collection of 200 
unique NFT's living on the Ethereum Blockchain, will enable you to own a piece of ourstory, support our next chapter, and gain access to a unique set of utilities.

This collection will be dropped sporadicly, directly onto Opensea.
After the 1st NFT is sold, another one will drop. They will be released individually or in pairs or in groups of 5, until we reach 200, where the club will be completed.

The price of each drop will 
increase, raising the floor for the entire collection.



You will own a piece of Secret Brunch story. Each NFT is a unique snap from the album currently displayed on our instagram page,
celebrating a key moment in our story, plus new art
created exclusively by the artist. 



  • Each artwork will be unique 

  • You will receive VIP access for you +1 guest to all Secret Brunch live events for as long as you hold the NFT (worth up to $400 per show). You can use this access immediately after your purchase, for example on  our Upcoming production

  • You will receive 20% discount on the required minimum spend, for any table bookings

  • You will have access to the most exclusive club. When the collection is complete, we will put on private events or after-parties specifically for SBCLUB members and guests

  • The value of your NFT is likely to increase, as we increase the price with every drop. You can sell your NFT at anytime on Opensea

  • You will be a founding member of SBCLUB in the Metaverse 

  • When the club is fully subscribed, you will receive a physical copy of your card containing your NFT and membership number. You will also get connected to other members via group chat



MR SB aka @alifewithoutfear is
the illusive story teller behind
Secret Brunch. He tells his story centred
 around the current state of humanity and the significant dangers it faces. Sometimes going as far as predicting what is to come next.

He sets the scene then invites audiences to experience it live, at a secret location. Each gathering is a chapter in what he describes as
'The greatest story ever told'.

To follow the story, head to Secret Brunch on instagram, scroll to the bottom of the page and work your way up. 



1st NFT goes on sale at 1 ETH

Remaining 199 NFT's go on sale sporadically

Private Club gatherings when all 200 are sold 

Physical club card issue containing the NFT + additional benefits to be introduced

Building the SB Metaverse


Where do I purchase the NFT?

Our collection is dropped directly onto Opensea. So there is no minting process. We will drop new NFT's every time the previous one is sold or to coincide with a key moment, until we reach our limit of 200.

Will the price go up?

It is likely that the price will go up, as the collection is limited, the artwork is unique, and the club is already established. However, there is every chance that it may also go down. This all depends on the market, and the price you choose to sell at.

Do I get access to Secret Brunch immediately?

Yes. You must first email and verify your purchase, and then as long as there are still tickets available, you can claim your complimentary passes or discount on table bookings.

Do I get complimentary passes, as well as discount on table bookings?

No you can either collect a discount or complimentary passes for each event.

What if Secret Brunch is no longer around?

That may well be possible. But then it is likely that your NFT will become even more of a rarity and a collectors item. You will still own it and can continue to trade it online, but without any more utilities.

Will every NFT be priced the same?

No. We aim  to increase the price with every drop. So your best bet is to get in early.

Can I buy your NFT if I am under 21?
You can buy the NFT but you will not be able to access our events until you are 21.
Same rules apply to all. Visit our
FAQ for more answers. 

Do you think this is a great way to make money?
We don't recommend this as a money making exercise, nor do we intend to make a quick buck. We are using this unique platform to raise more capital after 2 very difficult years, due to the pandemic, and without much government support .The idea is to sell our art digitally and provide physical utility, With better and bigger events.
 only buy these NFT's  if you like the art,
believe in the project and want to support us.



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