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A man, a woman, or just a myth?

To this date nobody has been able to identify who he/ she was or is.

There are no pictures or portraits.
Just a silhouette and conflicting stories of a man with no identity.

He is famous for throwing some of the most lavish parties in this city.
Though his guests have never got to meet their host.


His existence can be traced back to 1800's. When he was

rumoured to have been murdered at his own mansion.

Yet there are reported sightings of Mr SB as recently as may this year where 
he appeared to give up his signature top hat for a hooded cloak...

Many believe Mr SB is just a made up story, or an elaborate disguise

to promote a creation called Secret Brunch.


Others believe he is real, and very much alive, having

faked his own death for a greater purpose.

A purpose not yet defined, but soon to be revealed


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