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To make our community a safe and welcoming place, we require ALL guests, staff, sponsors, supporters and
performers to follow these guidelines: 

The law

We follow the English laws, and do not tolerate any act or behaviour that breaks the law.

The venue

Respecting and protecting the venue, together with its surrounding neighbours, is absolutely essential.

Any behaviour to jeopardise that, will not be tolerated.

The venue has the right to stop the event at any time, if it is deemed necessary.

Kindness and respect
We welcome all genders, races, religions, spiritual beliefs and political views. We do not cast judgement, and have a collective responsibility to ensure that any form of discrimination, abusive language, racist, sexist or homophobic behaviour is not tolerated.

Freedom of expression
Our gatherings encourage and celebrate the freedom of expression. 
However, we prohibit any form of cultural appropriation.

Decent behaviour
A shared understanding of behaviour is essential to creating a safe space. Having fun is always encouraged;
being over-familiar or inappropriate is not. We also ask all to refrain from any form of physical contact
without consent.

Illegal substances

We have a ZERO tolerance policy in relation to the use, possession, ingestion, sale, purchase or distribution of any illegal substances.

Before entry -  Comprehensive  searches will be conducted. If an individual is found in possession, or deemed to be under the influence, then they will be refused entry. If the individual is part of a group, then the entire group will also be refused entry. Tickets will not be refunded. Items found will be confiscated. All involved will receive a life-time ban. Depending on the circumstances, we may also call the police or the relevant authorities. 


Once inside - If there is any suspicion or evidence of use, or possession, or if a closed bathroom stall is occupied by more than one person, then the individual/s will immediately be ejected and receive a life time ban. Tickets or any open tabs will not be refunded. Any items found will be confiscated. Depending on the circumstances, we may also call the police or the relevant authorities. 

Drinking responsibly

Our staff reserve the right to refuse the service of alcohol if/ when necessary.
drinks should be left unattended.  Any unattended drinks will be disposed.
Any suspicious behaviour should immediately be reported to the security.

Smoking, Vaping or IQOS

The use of the above is strictly prohibited inside. Failure to adhere will result in immediate ejection.

Ask for Angela

If you have concerns about an individual or situation that requires discretion, please ask
for Angela at the bar, or ask a member of the security staff, who will then provide the necessary discrete care.


Feeling unwell

If you wake up feeling unwell, then please do not attend the event. If you feel  unwell during the event, then immediately consult the security, or a member of our management team. We have trained first aid staff always at hand, who will be able to help, and provide any further necessary care through the emergency services.


There will be continuous music in excess of 80db in some areas. You can request earplugs from the security. 

Also for those with photosensitive epilepsy, please be aware that there will be flashing and flickering lights or patterns, as well as the use of lasers. There will also be a heavy use of artificial fog, which may not be suited to those with respiratory tract issues or allergies.


We may instruct the services of professional video or photographers to capture the events,
which may then be used for marketing purposes. 


Your feedback helps us deliver a better and safer experience. Please contact us on here,

or speak to a member of the management team at the event.

For further information and answers to your most frequent questions, please visit our FAQ.

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