- After the fire -


regathering of the tribes on 22nd of feb 2020.

flash sale tickets go on sale at
2pm on 14 January 2020


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"when civilisation self destructs, the tribes revive"

earlier in may tribes gathered around a fire,

to mark the beginning of TRIBAL REVIVAL.

we now return to the burnt down town hall for a

re-gathering of the tribes, even more united than before.


A colourful vintage circus of life

- unity - no matter your gender, background
or social status
- self expression - celebrate you
- love - kill hate with love and kindness

- dance - lose yourself in the moment

- believe - in humanity

a positive experience


tribal house


self expression 
think of your self as a tribal walking piece of art, 
dressed to survive


our most ambitious lighting experience 

created to date


a 126 year old victorian town hall in London 
was once burnt down into ashes. 
The remains of this building are now resurrected
like a work of art, to embrace the world of art,


a large dance floor welcomes all tribes.

with a centre stage dividing the room

into two sections. 

there will be a private back stage
vip enclosure


vip tier - located inside the enclosed area

dance floor tables - located on the dance floor


Hidden tier - located inside the vip enclosure

next to the stage

follow the event on


This drawing is for guidance purposes only. The layout may change due to any space restrictions.


Those with photo epilepsy, respiratory tract issues, or allergies, be advised that there will be flashing lights, use of artificial fog  
and music levels louder than normal.


For your safety and safety of those working at the event, 
we request all guests to refrain from physical contact
with actors, performers, or members of staff.

there will be no use of fire in this sequel.
 attend with an open mind,

to create a new form of art.


"the gathering after the fire"

for further important notes please

make sure you read the bottom section of the ticketing page, 
prior to booking your place.



Minimum age of entry is 21.

more info to be added here prior to tickets release...

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