An ALL INCLUSIVE immersive experience,
in one of the most exquisite settings in Central London


Secret Brunch Classic

Secret Brunch first started as an all-inclusive gathering of friends. Following the introduction of our memberships scheme, we are thrilled to re-introduce the 
original concept, enhanced and focused on quality experience, rather than quantity. A glamorous journey in an exquisite and intimate setting. 


All- Inclusive

Your tickets will include entrance, entertainment, unlimited beverages and
three hours access to the food court.
Table tickets will also receive a dedicated seated area and bottle service.



A 14th century mansion located in the heart of Central London.
Used for the very first time by Secret Brunch, This mansion is the
temporary residence of the infamous Mr SB.




















For decades Mr SB has been known for hosting the most elaborate and lavish secret gatherings the city has seen. Attended by the high society, without anybody knowing the real identity of their host.
ome say he was a war hero, a veteran of the battle of waterloo. A humanitarian about to end world poverty, an olympic gold medalist, the original creator of Charleston dance, a womaniser known to have seduced the finest actresses, catwalk models and politicians...

The fact is nobody really knows who the real Mr SB is.

The Story
For the very first time Mr SB opens the doors of his temporary central London residence for you to explore the 'Greatest Story Ever Told'.  A classical tale of love and deceit in each room of this age old mansion. 

Watch the story unfold as you take a sip of gin & walk through the parlour, or a glass of red wine in the drawing room. Put your feet up next to the fire in the library, or swirl a glass of cognac in the gentlemen’s room. Cocktails in the powder room, and tasty delights in the heated courtyard. Everything is on the house. After all, you are a guest of Mr SB.

And when the clock hits 5PM, join the man himself, at the Grand Ballroom.