15th of September 2018




Secret Brunch invites you to stay at The Grand London Hotel. 

Join us as we take you on a journey to the soft re-opening 

of what was to become the most magnificent hotel in Europe.

The renowned but overwhelmingly hotheaded hotelier, Gustav Forty,

was charged with the unenviable task to turn the fortunes of a decaying establishment into the world's first ever 6 star hotel. 


But things did not go as smooth sailing as Gustav would have

hoped, with the hotel nowhere near ready for it's soft opening.

His star bell-boy and protege was not granted permission to depart The Ritz. 

So instead Gustav has reluctantly inherited Javier, a young bell-boy recently migrated from Madrid, incapable of speaking a word of English. 
The Chef Franco is left with the task of putting on a banquet on his own, after

his sous chef was tragically fried using the new kitchen oven.

The Head Maid Isabella is more interested in quality control of the wine
than the hotel's housekeeping standards.

Staff interviews and trainings are taking place whilst guests 
are trying to check in.  
And on top of it all Gustav must ensure that the hotel's dance floor is trialed and tested during the soft opening. So he has the mammoth task of putting on a party for those in attendance. 

Where do you come in?
Well you decide!
You are either brave enough to attend the soft opening as a guest,

or you may choose to lend a helping hand to Gustav and be considered for

one of the following urgent vacancies:
- Maid

- Sous chef

- Bellboy

- Hotel Singer


What is the dress-code?
If you are...

A Guest - Then Dress in your glitzy best

OR you may dress as one of the following, if you are planning

to apply for one of the available vacancies...



Where is The Grand located?
It is called The Grand London Hotel, because it is Grand and
it's located 
right in the centre of London.






What year was this? 
It was the 1930 of course. And yes Budapest had a hotel called The Grand too.

But it was certainly not as grand as this grand.


Will you be served food?
Please read the text more carefully! The Chef Franco may have lost his beloved sous chef, 
but to reach the 6 star standards Gustav has made it very clear that a grand banquet must be served. 

Therefore the long answer to your short question is YES.
There will be a 
complimentary brunch banquet served until 4PM.

Anything else?

Yes. The Hotel Sommelier is trialing different cocktails.
Even his most rubbish creations 
taste better than the ones served at The Ritz. 

And you lucky bugger will get to try them for free!
Well for the first hour of the event that is. 

Is everybody invited?
Nope! Gustav is finding it hard enough as it is to manage this soft 
please don't make it any harder for him.

Only Secret Brunch MEMBERS and their guests are invited to attend.

If you are not yet a member, then all is not lost.

Be quick to complete the online application form via the MEMBERSHIP page
and we will have it processed before 
tickets go on sale.

When will the tickets go on sale?
You are not very patient are you?
Tickets go on sale on Wednesday 15th of August at 2PM.

Will there be any tables?
If you are one of those fancy people who wants the best seat in the house,

want to be seen by everybody, don't want to queue for your drinks

and rather have your dedicated seated area in the Hotel's Grand Ballroom, 

then Gustav has you covered.
To receive Gustav's special treatment make sure you are quick to grab

one of the very few available Tables.

Mr SB Drawing room map.jpg