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When someone dies in the grip of a powerful rage, a curse is born in that place of death. 


A curse is a solemn utterance invoking a power to inflict punishment on you. It causes misfortune and evil. You will be consumed by it's fury. It shape shifts into what you want it to be, luring you in to it’s sinister trap, taking you to a place you never wanted to go back to.


It is time to return to The Mansion of Mr SB. The place where he was mysteriously murdered in September 1881. As the dust settled on his home, a veil of darkness corrupted The Mansion and left it clouded by a curse that could not be lifted. 

Oct 2018.png
shadow person 4.jpg

The ground floor of his once decadent home has been left preserved for those who pry on making a quick shilling. It’s once warm and inviting rooms are now flood with evil manipulation and con artists who have no better interests then to steal from the deceased.

His dining room no longer holds the silver service it once did. But now a gruesome banquet where street bound hustlers sell cheap gossip for you to indulge in. 

The living room now homes a crooked cinema for ghastly showings of images most horrid and fairground gimmicks that mock the man who once owned this home. 


Have your palm read by the fortune teller and be left gasping for air as she engulfs you with your unpleasant future.

dark staircase.png

But the real evil awaits those who dare to walk up the grand staircase. The private quarters of the man who once owned this mansion, is now a harem for The Curse.

chiffon ladies 2.jpg

A cold breeze blows down the staircase, consuming you with the smell of death. Seductive temptresses lure you in with their soft moonlit skin, for only a fool shall follow them up the stairs, and forever will be cursed. 

This adult immersive production is not for the faint hearted. It contains elements which may well scare, offend or affect you for life. 

For the first time both floors of the mansion will be open for you to explore. VIP tickets will receive priority access to the Ballroom during busy times, whilt the rest
of the rooms are open for everyone to explore.


However, you must do so at your peril. What you discover or see in each room may well be disturbing, upsetting and against your beliefs. 

They do not in any way represent the beliefs of the organisers. This is a special Secret Brunch

production for Halloween.

OCT 2018 GROUND v3.png
OCT 2018 Floor Plan FIRST V3.png

Tables are always of high demand for Secret Brunch Halloween.
Therefore for this production there will be three tiers introduced. Please note there is no designated seating for this event. Tables in VIP & hidden tier are in a standing bench/platform format and are located inside the main ballroom with priority access:
The Table of SB - Best tables in the house. By application only
VIP Table - £1000 Situated in the main Ballroom

Lounge Table - £750 Situated in the Lounge Room 

Introducing VIP passes for this production. These will offer faster check-in, 2 x complimentary drink tokens and complimentary cloakroom.

Asia and Latin America’s finest chefs have broken into the Mansion 
to offer their creations through the day. 
Chino Latino, the multi award winning pioneers of fusion cuisine, will be bringing a specially tailored and theme-fitting 'Day of the dead' menu to the mansion. 
This menu will be available for you to purchase separately at the dining room,

throughout the day.

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