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3pm - 9pm

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One year ago a curse took over the mansion of Mr SB, after he was mysteriously murdered in front of his own guests


Now the cloud of darkness and uncertainty continues to thicken, spreading over the streets of London, and threatening to take over the rest of this great country. 

This Halloween, the curse must be broken.

Legend has it, to break the curse, the spirits of the dead must be awakened. The good must defeat the evil

But the evil won't leave without a fight. The curse still resides in some of the most personal rooms of the mansion, spreading down the grand staircase, and refusing to loosen it's grip on the house of SB.

We will side with the good, supporting musical representatives from South America, the Saharan and Africa, coming together for a ceremony of spiritual awakening.


They will attempt to exorcise the demons with ancient rituals and shamanic sounds of their music. 

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And then there are those intending to fight evil with evil. Convinced by the sightings of Mr SB,

they plan to unearth his casket, and prove that he in fact is not dead.

But how can you identify a man with no identity?

They claim dark magic brings the corps back to life, and the dead will identify themselves.


This Halloween we dare the brave to enter this cursed mansion, to witness the conclusion of a rather disturbing immersive story, lifted by a musical journey of spiritual awakening. 


A story more real than some like to believe. 

It is a battle of the good Vs evil. Which side are you on?

This Halloween-special immersive production is not for the faint hearted.

It contains elements which may well scare, disturb, offend or affect you for life.

You may explore the mansion at your own peril. What you will discover or see in some of the rooms may well be disturbing, upsetting or against your beliefs. 


We would like to stress that this production does NOT in any way
represent the beliefs of the organiser. 

This is a special Secret Brunch production intended for Halloween,
and we advise you to only attend with an open mind.

Those with heart conditions, photo epilepsy, respiratory tract issues, or allergies, be advised that there will be flashing lights, elements intended to scare, heavy use of artificial fog  
and music levels louder than normal. Secret Brunch requests all guests to refrain from close physical contact with actors, performers, members of staff, or other guests without their consent.


Minimum age of entry is 21.



An innovative and experimental journey of nomadic house

brought together by Secret Experience.
A number of DJ's will go back to back across the rooms of the mansion, 

delivering a awakening journey of sounds,

from the deserts and the long lost tribes.


The most curse-infected room of the mansion.
Where they 
plan to display the casket of Mr SB.

Priority access is reserved for VIP Tables and VIP Tickets.

Our DJ's from across the mansion will each have a go to
break the curse of this room with their sounds.


The sound that awakens most spirits will triumph.


A delicious selection of fresh Italian dishes will be brought to you by Capricci,
available to purchase throughout the day, at the mansion's dining room.
The menu is put together by Chef Federico Casali,
who focuses on regional produce and simplicity of flavours. 


OCT 2019 Floor Plan FIRST.png
OCT 2019 GROUND Floor.png

Tables are always of high demand for Secret Brunch Halloween.
Tables in VIP & hidden tier are in a standing bench/platform format.

Tables inside the Living Room are in a seated format.

VIP Table - Situated in the VIP Room, mansion's main room

Veuve Clicquot Room Table - Situated inside the Living Room

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