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Cannot wait? Join Secret Experience
at the rooftop on 22 June.


"In 2017 TRIBANATION was created with the intention to unite tribes as one nation, built on mindful human connections. 

Elevating consciousness, at a time when humanity is rapidly heading towards self-destruction.


In this chapter we take inspiration from the source, the common denominator, the light, that is within us all, cannot be seen but felt, only when truly present.

At 3pm we will open our hearts to the present, through a collective meditation.
We will then be joined by other 
light workers, who will help transport you through this multi-sensory journey.


And I will be taking you on this chapter's musical voyage, from 6-9pm.


human formerly known as


Please ensure you read
and understand our 

Community Guidelines
before booking your place.

They are designed to ensure a safe
and pleasant experience for everyone,
as well as safe guarding
the old building we call home.


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