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Time to celebrate life again! Secret Experience brings you a series of experimental summer gatherings, lead by great vibes and music, with the aim to raise support for Secret Brunch.

03 JUL
10 JUL
31 JUL
07 AUG




Boat Party

FINAL Rooftop party


With the good folks at Veuve Clicquot

BOAT  -  31/7

We are jumping on a typical London boat, carrying your favourite beverages, but also fitted with a decent sound systemThe backdrop will be the city's most beautiful landmarks, as we sail through the River Thames, from Westminster to Canary wharf, and back.

We will dancing away to uplifting tribal vibes, and sounds of the drums beating against the water. The government have announced that there will be no restriction. For more details please visit HERE.

ROOFTOP  -  7/8

After the boat we go on the rooftop, to see the whole city, and dance without any covid restrictions. The location is A restaurant with wrapped around windows and balcony, facing arguably some of the most beautiful views of London. We will be seated indoors, and if the weather is good, windows will be wide open, with outdoor space for you to also enjoy. The venue has strict limited capacities, so think of this as a happy gathering rather than a fancy party. The location will be emailed to you on the day.

For more details please visit HERE.

Summer Series this year intends to take you on a musical journey, with sounds of the desert air and tribal drums. All proceeds from this series of events will be shared with the venues. Any profits we make on our side will be put towards bringing back Secret Brunch in September 2021.


The restaurant 
will be responsible for all operations, food and beverages, and Health & Safety. Here is a copy of their COVID-19 Risk Assessment based on the previous restrictions, majority of which are now lifted by the governnent. So they will be adhering to only the ones that are still applicable.

No, this is Secret Experience. An experimental musical journey, hosted in collaboration with unique summer locations. 

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BOAT - 31/7

GENERAL RELEASE - This is a standing party, so all tickets are the same and permit entry for one person only. 


ROOFTOP - 31/7
TABLE - The ticket includes your own reserved table of 6, for the duration of the day,  in the premium spot of the restaurant, near the DJ and close to the views. You will receive 6 x complimentary 2 course brunch, as well as 1 x complimentary bottle of Champagne.
Please note tables carry an additional minimum spend of £500 on the day and their locations will be allocated
 in order of booking(IMPORTANT: This ticket type will be valid even if the current restrictions remain in place).

BRUNCH SEAT - You will be assigned a seat during brunch service (11:30am - 2pm). If the current restrictions are lifted, then you will be asked to give up your seat after 2pm. Your ticket includes a complimentary 2 course brunch and a complimentary glass of house wine (white/ red).
IMPORTANT: This ticket type will be valid even if the current restrictions remain in place).

PARTY TICKET * - Entrance only, after 1pm.
IMPORTANT: This ticket type will NOT be valid if the current restrictions remain in place. You will be given the choice to either upgrade, or postpone to a later date (subject to availability)).


FREEDOM PASS - Celebrate the end of restrictions with a Freedom Pass, which gives you Party Ticket entrance to 7/8 and entrance to the BOAT PARTY on 31/7.

All tickets are inclusive of VAT. Tables and Brunch Seats will be valid even if the current COVID-19 restrictions remain in place. if restrictions are not lifted then all Party Tickets will be given the option to upgrade or postpone to a later date (subject to availability). Please note tickets are non-refundable. You can now however transfer your booking to a friend, as long as you provide their full details, within no less than 24 hours before the event. 



Be you, with an effort. Think sand and desert. No sportswear. 


We are putting on these series of gatherings to raise support for Secret Brunch, one of the first to shut down, back in March 2020, and now one of the last to be allowed to re-open. Yet it has failed to receive any meaningful support or funding from the government.

All revenues generated from these events will be shared with the venue. Any profits we make will go directly to bringing back Secret Brunch productions in September 2021. 



Minimum age for all Secret Experience events is 21. All in attendance are requested to show a photo ID at the door. Organisers reserve the right to refuse entry if the minimum age requirement is not met. Secret Location will be emailed on the day of the event.
All tickets are non-refundable. You can transfer your ticket to a friend, if you provide notice and their full details by no later than 24 hours prior to the event.

There will be continuous music in excess of 80db in some areas. You can request earplugs from a member of the security team on arrival. Also for those with photosensitive epilepsy, please be aware that there may be flashing, flickering lights or patterns, use of lasers and artificial fog, which may not be suited to those with respiratory tract issues or allergies.

Promoting any external products or events is strictly prohibited at Secret Brunch, unless prior consent is provided.

If the information provided when purchasing a ticket is deemed inaccurate or misleading, then Secret Experience reserves the right to refuse entry, cancel a purchase, or if applicable retract a membership.

Secret Experience reserves the right to contact you via the details provided regarding any future promotion or events.

The venue requests all guests to drink and behave responsibly. For the health and safety of all guests and staff involved, the venue reserve the right to refuse the service of alcohol at their sole discretion, or to remove any attendees from the premises. If necessary the venue also reserves the right to stop the event. Secret Experience has a zero tolerance drugs policy. Smoking cigarettes or vaping is only allowed in the designated outdoor smoking area.

Secret Experience requests all guests to refrain from close physical contact with actors, performers, members of staff, or other guests without their consent.

There will be photography and videography at this event. Secret Experience reserves the right to use any such imagery obtained to promote future events or products.

Guests are informed in advance, that in an event of force majeure or Act of God or reasons beyond control, our selected venue reserves the right to cancel the event. In such rare but possible circumstances you will be notified as early as physically possible. Although we will seek compensation, we cannot guarantee a full refund on all purchases.

Secret Experience does not accept liability for any lost or missing items.

All operations, food and beverages and Health & Safety are conducted by the venue. We will at all times follow their instructions in relation to COVID-19 safety. Secret Experience cannot take any responsibility for the venue's actions or negligence
*Party Tickets are only valid if the current government restrictions regarding COVID-19 are lifted. If not, then you will be given the option to either upgrade to a Brunch Seat or Premium Table, or postpone to a later date (subject to availability). 

Until the existing COVID-19 restrictions are lifted, all guests are expected to follow social distancing guidelines provided by the government. Please do not attend the event if you feel unwell or tested positive with COVID-19. You must wear face masks when walking around the venue, and remain at your table during the event. Please regularly wash your hands or use the sanitisers provided.