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Full Experience
You should have already received a separate set of instructions.
Make sure you:
1. Keep those instructions a secret

2. Arrive early

3. Have a valid Membership Number and ID. Otherwise you will not be granted entry until 4pm. If you have already purchased tickets without a membership, then you can still try your luck and apply for Membership in the next 48 hours. If successful, you can then request for it to be added to your order.

You are a lucky bugger for securing one of our handful of tables. You don't need to worry about a membership number. Just ensure that you arrive with your guests and that everyone brings their ID with them. After check-in you will be shown to your table and receive your champagne package. You will be asked for your credit card and ID. Be aware that we do not accept cash or American Express.

General release

Entrance AFTER 4PM

Well you are missing a bunch, but at least you are coming in time for the party. Make sure you have your tickets, ID, and most importantly your dancing shoes.


If you hold Full Experience or Table Tickets, you must take part in a task to help reveal the identity of the missing suitcase. The winner will be announced at 5pm and there is of course a Champagne Prize to be won!

Job Vacancy - If you are coming for a job vacancy, ensure that you are dressed correctly, and collect your Duty Sheet from the Hotelier's desk on arrival. 

Hotel Guests - Look for Miss Page to collect your Activity Sheet

The race is on. Every arrival will receive a key. You must socialise with as many hotel guests and staff to discover who holds a matching key to yours. Once you have found your match, you must take a photo by the Grandfather Clock, post it to instagram, slap on the hashtag #secretbrunch, and tag each other in.
First 10 photos posted will win a complimentary pair of passes to the 
Secret Brunch Halloween Special.

2pm Full Experience & TABLES

- Introduction to the Hotel

- New Employee Tasks

- The mystery of the Missing Briefcase

- First hour of complimentary cocktails at the cocktail bar

- Access to the Complimentary Banquet until 4pm

4PM General Release Arrivals

5PM The Conclusion at The Grand Staircase

Followed by Performers Auditions in the ballroom

5:15pm Time to Dance

Full Experience Tickets have the option to dress for a job vacancy. Please refer to the separate set of instructions sent. Everyone else attending as a hotel guest, please read on...

The year is 1930, we have just entered the 'Decade of design'. So do your research and go for a colour and look that represents you. Whatever you decide to wear, make sure you look glamorous and stay within the following important guidelines:


- Skirts and dresses must be knee length or below

- No jeans
- No leathers
- No vests or t-shirts
- No sportswear or trainers

(For inspiration click HERE)


- A double breasted Jacket or Dinner Jacket is a must

- No jeans
- No leathers
- No vest or t-shirts
- No sportswear or trainers
(For inspiration click 

The Banquet will run from 2-4pm inside the upstairs tearoom. All Full Experience ticket holders will be given a pass on arrival. Please keep it safe and present it for entry to the Banquet.

There is plenty for you to explore and people to talk to, depending on how early you arrive. So on Saturday it's probably best not to be the cool person who always arrives late.

Oh yes you would like to know where to go! Well keep an eye on your emails. It will be sent to you just before 10am on Saturday.

If you do not receive it for some reason, then please TEXT:
+447884211491 or +447575857878

Remember they will only respond to texts and can only help you with finding the location. For everything else email: