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secret brunch officially returns after 16 months of shut down.
Click below to book your place:

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"when humanity self-destructs, tribes revive"

may 2017 - "the end is coming"
may 2019 - "the end is near"
feb 2020 - "the end is here"

- Mr SB



A colourful vintage circus of life

- unity - no matter your gender, background,
colour or social status
- self expression - celebrate you
- love - spread love and kindness

- chance - it's never too late to be a better you

- dance - lose yourself to the music

- believe - in humanity

- NOW - Live in the moment

a positive experience


tribal house


self expression 
think of your self as a walking piece of art, 
dressed to survive.


our most ambitious lighting experience 


a 128 year old victorian town hall in London 
was once burnt down into ashes. 
The remains of this building are now resurrected
like a work of art, to embrace the world of art,


a large dance floor welcomes all tribes.

with a centre stage dividing the room

into two sections. 

This drawing is for guidance purposes only. The layout may change due to any space restrictions.

STANDARD - entry only
VIP - access to the vip area, vip queue and complimentary cloakroom

BACK STAGE TABLES - exclusive access to backstages

if you are a key-worker, saving lives, please contact us for details of how to receive a discount to our events. we thank you!


for all table enquiries please email us.

there are two tiers of tables:




due to the current climate and our focus on delivering a safe event, we have taken the decision not to sell food at this event.

we are assessing all options and will update you
should the situation change.
so for now please plan to arrive with a full stomach!

NOTES to read before booking your place:

we advise all in particular those with photo epilepsy, respiratory tract issues, 
allergies, or hearing sensitivity 
that there will be flashing lights,
use of lasers, 
artificial fog and music levels louder than normal.


For your safety and safety of those working at the event, 
we request all guests to refrain from physical contact
with artists, actors, performers, or members of staff.

there will be no use of fire in this event. 
Please  attend with an open mind,

to create a new form of art.

Minimum age of entry is 21.

COVID - 19
We will follow the most up to date government guidelines in relation to covid-19.

At this moment there are no COVID-19 restrictions, and no mandatory requirement for a COVID-19 passport.
However, should the guidelines change, then you will be notified and required to comply.


Tickets will only be fully refunded if the government introduces another lock-down
that affects the 25th of September 2021. 

We ask all guests to follow the governmnet guidelines at all times.
If you feel unwell or test positive for COVID-19, then you should refrain from attending the event.
You will have the option to transfer your ticket to a friend, as long as we are given at least 24 hours notice
before the event starts.

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