We can all do better

June 06, 2020

We show our solidarity with the recent #blacklivesmatter protests to end any form of racism in this new world. We must all look deep within ourselves and figure out what we can do better. Then change!
Here is the story of how we changed for the better, and we hope it can inspire others to do the same...

Help the London Homeless during COVID-19

April 15, 2020

Whilst most of us are safe at home during this pandemic, many of the most vulnerable are on the streets, with no shelter and no protection. Furthermore with people locked in, they feel even more neglected and no longer receive the care they had prior to the pandemic. They have become the forgotten ones.

We are doing our best to distribute as many face masks during this period, to at least give them some protection. These masks are kindly donated to us by the Colosseum Dental. If you too can help then please get in touch.

Help the London Homeless 2019

December 10, 2019

We all call this city our home, but many of us do not have the most simple basics the rest of us take for granted. 

With #helpthelondonhomeless run we aim to give the homeless a reason to smile this Christmas. The more money we raise the more good we can do.

During last year's run, we realised that offering warmth and protection from rain was most helpful. Therefore this year, any monies raised will be spent on purchasing thermal blankets and waterproof ponchos, and then delivering them directly to the homeless.

We are looking at a spending of roughly £10 per homeless. This will all be subject to availability when we place the orders. So we ask you to please donate as soon as possible.

The more money we raise, the more homeless we can help. We will not stop until every single blanket and poncho is delivered.

We plan to do this year's run on Tuesday 10th of December. We chose a midweek date, because from our experience it is easier to catch the homeless out early. During weekends they tend to stay away till late, to avoid abuse from partygoers. 

The timings will be past 10pm, where we are more likely to see the homeless out on the streets.

We will all meet at a central London location. All volunteers will then be split into groups covering different areas of London. We will then all hit the streets at the same time, delivering 1 x blanket and 1 x poncho per homeless.

Help save your planet

September 19, 2019

As humans we continue to cause more damage to this planet than any other species. All for our own selfish gains. There seems to be no end to our greed. We build concrete over jungles, kill animals to satisfy our stomachs, we dry up its natural resources to empower our selfish ambitions, we go to wars without any care for the destruction, and in the end we all die and expect to be buried under the same earth!

Coinciding with Climate strike, we ask you to please take a moment to help those who commit their time to saving your planet. Please help Friends of the Earth. 

Help the London Homeless this Christmas

December 03, 2018

As proud Londoners, this Christmas we want to give back to our city. To the people who also call this city their home, but don't have the most simple basics we often take for granted. We want to try and give the homeless in London a reason to smile, by putting together a small box of essentials that may help them through a cold wintery night, or at least bring them a little warmth.

Each box will contain key essentials, ordered online, then packed and distributed by our team. We will search the streets of Central London for the homeless, and directly hand them each a box.

FIRST RUN - 6th of December
We have already self-funded our first run and will deliver 20 boxes to the homeless. We will take photos and share the journey on our instagram account: @secretbrunch hoping to inspire more.

SECOND RUN - 20th of December
We would love your help with funding our second run. The deadline for donations is set to 11th of December, when we must place our order in order for the essentials to arrive on time.

1 x cardboard box, 1 x red decorative ribbon, 1 x warm beanie hat, 1 x pair of gloves, 1 x pair of thermal socks, 1 x thermos flask, 10 x tea bags, 1 x Vaseline lip therapy, 1 x pack of tissues, 1 x toothbrush containing toothpaste, 1 x pack of sanitary towels (for ladies) 1 x Christmas card, 1 x decorative craft card and wax stamp, and 1 x Key information for day centres and medical services.

Each box costs roughly £8.22. We will aim to raise enough money to create 250 boxes. All monies raised will be going to the homeless. We will also be volunteering our time to pack all boxes and deliver them directly to the homeless, and we will take on any costs associated with marketing this campaign.

The real challenge is the distribution of these boxes. Finding the homeless and ensuring that we hand each box directly to them. So in addition to your financial support we would welcome anybody wishing to volunteer their time to help us with delivering these boxes on 20th of December. Please message us on faceboook or instagram @secretbrunch

"A society advanced in technology but deprived of humanity. Let's do our bit" - Mr SB

Moving theatre forward

October 24, 2018

Theatre has always been at the heart of Secret Brunch. From choice of venues, to our stage performances and stories created by those in attendance.

Over the years stage theatre has become an even more integral part of our creative direction. We are on a mission to push the boundaries and create a new platform for theatre, in an age where that human connection is often lost to a LED screen. A new platform and audience for inspiring actors.

Every day we realise new challenges but are determined to learn and succeed.

So when Susie recently reached out to us with an inspiring story about her theatre, the Hampstead Theatre, we were easily persuaded that this is a cause we would like to support.

The theatre's mission is to 'challenge, influence and shape the future of British theatre'. Their aim is to 'move theatre forwards with new ideas, talent and energy to excite audiences with the lateral, the fresh and the unexpected'. 

We share their ambition and belief that 'innovation, reinvention and surprise are the lifeblood of true entertainment'.

None of this is possible without funding. A challenge that we are faced with for every Secret Brunch production, and realise how difficult it is to achieve such ambition without support.

So let's dedicate this month's cause to the Hampstead Theatre and their efforts to 'create the future mainstream – entertaining experiences that are original and ambitious'.


May 16, 2018

Mind is a powerful tool. Your vision. Your thoughts. The world as you see it.

As we battle through this war called life, we often lose sight of the power in our minds.

This week we celebrate the Mental Health Awareness Week by supporting the good work of 'Mind'. A charity who has pledged not to give up, until everyone experiencing a mental health problem gets support and respect.

Please show your support too...

Support your Passion

March 31, 2018

Music is our passion. It helps us through the day, through the night, through the ups, through the downs.

Music only exists through the musician. So Let us help the musicians of yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

We have donated to Help Musicians UK. Have you?

Help dreams come true...

February 17, 2018

Recently at Secret Brunch we invited Amaranta to our stage, a talented young lady we came across one day watching the news.

Amaranta is just 16, yet she is in the top 10 elite Rhythmic Gymnasts in Great Britain. She comes from a single parent household, who have at times been homeless and have struggled to make ends meet. Her career is at risk because they cannot afford the cost of her elite level training.

So people have come together to support her through #Justgiving and we too wanted to be a part of that. Through Secret Brunch Causes we invited Armaranta to showcase her wonderful talents on our stage and now we want to encourage all to help contribute towards her cause. Help this talented young lady achieve her destiny and become our next Olympic champion.

Every pound helps. Click on DONATE for more details.


June 13, 2017

London stay strong, we are together #unity 

Please help hit the £1,000,000 mark.

The power of humanity is bigger than any power. Let's do this!


May 30, 2017

Let's support the families of those involved in this tragedy. And let our support show the world that we unite against hate. This month we support British Red Cross' 'One Love Manchester' initiative.

Celebrating HER

March 08, 2017

Some of our best work to date has been put together by inspiring women, and every chance we get we like to celebrate and promote what she is able to achieve. So with the International Women's Day on the 8th of March, we decided to dedicate this entire month to HER empowerment, and have selected a local charity called the Junior League of London to support:

"Founded in 1985, we are an organisation of women volunteers committed to promoting voluntary service, developing the potential of women and improving the community through the effective action and leadership of trained volunteers.

Our vision is of a London where each person has the opportunity and means to prosper."

Got to have FAITH

December 26, 2016

We took a little longer this month to pick a suitable cause, until the right cause presented itself to us. Sadly due to the loss of an artist relevant to many. Rather than just celebrating his music, we want to celebrate also one of the causes he passionately stood for. This month we will honour George by supporting NAT:

"We champion the rights of people living with HIV and campaign for change shaping attitudes, challenging ​injustice, and changing lives. We believe everyone deserves health and equality and we won't let
 HIV stand in the way."


November 04, 2016

Last month we were informed by a member with tickets to the Halloween Special that she is no longer up to attending the event. She had started a battle and was determined to return only after beating it. 

So we decided to join HER on her battle, and help beat it together.

This November, the Secret Brunch contribution and all Membership Processing Fee contributions will be donated to Cancer Research.

"Cancer may have started the fight, but we will finish it”

SONIKA AGGARWAL  let's do this!


October 10, 2016

It's HER who brings us to this world. It is HER who shows us how to love and respect. And it is HER that deserves to be respected. Our series of events carrying the slogan #forherbyher aim to empower HER and what she is capable of achieving. Demonstrated by the strong women who put together these events.

We therefore felt that this month it is only fitting to choose a charity dedicated to empowering HER.

W O M A N K I N D 
"Every day women and girls face discrimination, poverty and violence just because they are female. We're working to change that'

Donate today and give women and girls the chance to take control of their lives.

Changing perceptions & inspiring generations

September 15, 2016

The success of the Paralympics truly challenges perceptions and can inspire generations. That is why this month we are suppoorting the British Paralympic Association. Their support for the athletes creates a platform for success. More success means more coverage, more attention and ultimately more appreciation. Support their great work today


August 17, 2016

This month we are supporting the NHS #MissingType camapaign, by removing the letter B from our logo, across our social media platforms. 

Around the world, there is a shortage of blood types As, Bs and Os. NHS need your help to raise awareness and give blood.

For more information please visit: http://bit.ly/2aHb03L


June 30, 2016

On June 23rd a single referendum caused historical uncertainty in a city known as the most diverse capital of the world. 

Secret Brunch is a product of this diversity. A diversity that has made this city great. Possibly the best city in the world.
So it is only our duty to stand behind those affected by these uncertainties, and show that London remians your home, no matter the country, colour or orgin. 

This will be be our message throughout the summer, as we gather every three weeks on a rooftop, in the middle of the city of London, flying flags of all nations who define this great city.  

Join us with your flag, and let's show the world our #unity.

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